Thursday, March 11, 2010

BE HEARD: CB7 to review proposal for tennis "bubbles" in Central Park

Tonight, LW! will join others on the West Side at our local Community Board as the Parks & Preservation and Green Committees receive a presentation from the Parks Department on proposed "bubbles" over tennis courts in Central Park
  • WHAT: CB7 meeting to discuss proposed "bubbles" over tennis courts in Central Park
  • WHEN: TONIGHT, Thursday, March 11, at 6:30PM
  • WHERE: CB7 offices, 250 Broadway at 87th Street.
As we understand it, the meeting will be conceptual in nature, meaning no design documents will be available.  This is our opportunity to attend, hear what Parks is proposing, and enter into the discussion on what a project like this could mean for Central Park. 

What kind of impacts could tennis bubbles have?  This brings to mind concerns for aesthetics (is this appropriate in a Scenic Landmark?), the environment (could the installation and removal and the "bubbles" harm root systems, for example?), and fauna (how could a bubble impact bird populations?).  Many questions to be answered.  Tonight's CB7 meeting is the place to begin for answers

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