Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Over 100 Buildings Heard, But Not Designated by LPC, Originally Scheduled to be De-Calendared on Tuesday, December 9, 2014. LPC has since withdrawn the de-calendaring proposal. New date to be determined.

All Five Boroughs
Building Name, Address, Year Calendared by LPC

Upper West Side, Manhattan
IRT Powerhouse, 11th Ave at West 58th-59th Sts, 1979
St. Michael's Episcopal Church Complex, 227 West 99th St, 1980
Loew's 175th Street Theater, Broadway at 175th St, 1970
Yuengling Brewery Complex (6 items), Amsterdam Ave at West 127th & 128th Sts, 1991
St. Joseph's Church, 401 West 125th St, 1966
YMCA, Harlem Branch, 181 West 135th St, 1991
St. Paul's Church & School, 121 East 117th St1966
St. Paul's Rectory, 113 East 117th St, 1966
412 East 85th Street House, 1966
Bergdorf Goodman Building, 754 Fifth Ave, 1970
Sire Building, 211 West 58th St, 2009
Mission of the Immaculate Virgin, 448 West 56th St, 2009
Osborne Apartments Interior, 205 West 57th St, 1980
Broadway Theaters (5 exteriors, 5 interiors), 1982
Kaufman Conference Rooms Interior, 809 UN Plaza, 2001
Hotel Renaissance/Columbia Club, 4 West 43rd St, 2000
150 East 38th Street House, 1966
President Chester A. Arthur House, 123 Lexington Ave, 1966
Union Square Park, 1977
138 Second Avenue House, 2009
James McCreery & Co., 801-807 Broadway1966
57 Sullivan Street House, 1970
315 Broadway, 1990
143 Chambers Street, 1989
Excelsior Power Company Building, 33-43 Gold St, 1977
2 Oliver Street House, 1966

Samuel D. Babcock House, 5525 Independence Ave, 1970
6 Ploughman's Bush Building, 2004
First Presbyterian Church of Williamsbridge and Rectory, 730-736 East 225th St, 1980
65 Schofield Street House, 2009
Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church Complex, East 150th St at Melrose Ave1980

Greenwood Cemetery, 5th Ave and 25th St1981
Coney Island Pumping Station, 2301-2327 Neptune Ave, 1980
Holy Trinity Cathedral/ Ukranian Church in Exile, 177-181 South 5th St, 1966
St. Augustine's R.C. Church and Rectory, 116-130 6th Ave, 1966
183-195 Broadway Building, 1986
St. Barbara's Roman Catholic Church, 299-307 Central Ave, 1980
Lady Moody-Van Sicklen House, 27 Gravesend Neck Rd, 1966

Pepsi-Cola Sign, 1988
Spanish Towers (10 Items), 34-30 to 34-52 75th St, 1990
Old Calvary Cemetery Gatehouse, Gale & Greenpoint Aves, 1973
Douglaston Historic District Extension, 2008
Fairway Apartments, 76-09 34th Ave, 1990
First Reformed Church and Sunday School of College Point, 118-09 14th Ave, 1980
Bowne Street Community Church, 38-01 Bowne St, 2003
Ahles House, 39-24 to 39-26 213rd St, 2009

Staten Island
Sailors' Snug Harbor Historic District, 1984
Curtis House, 234 Bard Ave, 1966
St. Mary's Church, Rectory and Parish Hall, 347 Davis Ave, 1966
Woodbrook/Goodhuse House, 304 Prospect Ave, 1966
Muller House, 200 Clinton Ave, 1966
Garner Mansion, 355 Bard Ave, 1966
Sunny Brae House, 27 Colonial Ct, 1966
92 Harrison Street House, 1980
Cunard Hall, Wagner College, 631 Howard Ave, 1966
Fountain Family Graveyard, Richmond & Clove Rds, 1966
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church and Rectory, 1107 Bay St, 1966
School District No. 3 Building, 4108 Victory Blvd, 1966
St. John's P.E. Rectory, 1331 Bay St, 1966
Richmond County Country Club, 135 Flagg Place, 1966
Vanderbilt Mausoleum, Moravian Cemetery, 1980
Lakeman House, 2286 Richmond Rd, 1966
Crocheron House, Historic Richmond Town, 1966
Nicholas Killmeyer Store and Residence, 4321 Arthur Kill Rd, 1991
122 Androvette Street House, 1991
3833 Amboy Road House, 2007
Brougham Cottage, 4746 Amboy Rd, 2000
Dorothy Day Historic Site, 457 Poillon Ave, 2001
St. Paul's M.E. Church, 7558 Amboy Rd, 1991
6136 Amboy Road House, 2007
Princess Bay Lighthouse and Keeper's House, 1966
5466 Arthur Kill Road House, 2007

* The information above is taken from maps prepared by LPC, dated November 19, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

NYS Senator Tony Avella Finds LPC's Plan Outrageous! Read on!

New York State Senator Tony Avella writes to Mayor de Blasio and Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan of the Landmarks Preservation Commission "in regards to the LPC decision to remove a large number [96] of potential landmark locations from the calendar as of December 9th.  I FIND THIS ACTION OUTRAGEOUS!"

"Many of the applications have been calendared for years and to now just remove them is disgraceful.  I am calling on you to put an immediate stop to this action and to give the public a chance to provide their input on these long standing landmark applications."

De-calendaring these items places them "in immediate danger with little or no time for the community to act...Do not become part of the problem.  I call upon [the Commission] to set a different tone."

LANDMARK WEST! calls upon our elected officials to echo Senator Avella's words in your own letters to Mayor de Blasio and LPC chair Srinivasan (comments@lpc.nyc.gov).  We urge you to write your letter, which we will post on our blog as well.

To read about buildings that are threatened in Senator Avella's district in Queens, read the latest blog post on QueensCrap.

Thank you Senator Avella!

To contact LANDMARK WEST! call (212) 496-8110 or email landmarkwest@landmarkwest.org