Friday, September 21, 2007

Continuing Education Seminar Series

LANDMARK WEST! invites you to attend a series of day-long seminars designed for real estate brokers, planners, residential and commercial building owners and neighbors.

A Preservation Primer
Monday, October 15, 2007

The Evolution of Architecture and Living Styles in Manhattan
Monday, November 12, 2007

Green Building and Historic Preservation
Monday, December 10, 2007

Each seminar is NYS- approved for 7.5 hours of real estate broker continuing education credits.

What: This preservation-focused educational series will enhance participants’ appreciation and understanding of our historic neighborhoods as we explore the development of Manhattan and the evolution of architectural styles in NYC. We will also examine the laws governing the landmarks process to help guide property owners seeking to alter or restore their apartments, townhouses or commercial facades. We will see that preservation does not seek to freeze our communities in time; rather it enhances the beauty and value of our ever-evolving neighborhoods. The series finale will examine practical green building and energy efficiency measures that can be taken when restoring and renovating older homes.

Featured Speakers: Francoise Bollack, AIA, principal, Francoise Bollack Architects, winner of The Green Building Competition for New York City; Mosette Broderick, MA, NYU design professor and architectural historian, Francis Morrone, MA, acclaimed author, lecturer, and teacher; and Karen Zukowski, MA, author of Creating the Artful Home: The Aesthetic Movement; Gregory Dietrich, Cultural Resource Consulting Group; Jean Phifer Parker, FAIA, principal, Thomas Parker Architects; Andy Padian, Steven Winter Associates; Craig Graber, Viridian Energy & Environmental, LLC, among others.

Register: Call (212) 496-1714 to register. You may pay by check or credit card- $80 per seminar (includes lunch compliments of Yvette Viverito, Advanced Capital Group (631) 656-1500 x 246). Please send payment to: LANDMARK WEST!
45 West 67th Street, New York, NY 10023.

For more information, refer to our website

Location: American Bible Society, 1865 Broadway at 61st Street, New York, NY

Participants will receive a New York State certification for 7.5 hours of study approved by the Secretary of State in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 868 of the Laws of 1977.

Payment and Cancellation Policy: Checks will be accepted up to 5 working days before each seminar. Credit card charges will incur a small processing fee. While we cannot offer refunds for no-shows, we can furnish donation letters for tax purposes.

Monday, September 17, 2007

New-York Historical Society: Time for Dialogue

 Source: “New Historical Society Project Would Stir Up Skyline and Residents,” The New York Times, 11.1.06

Here is what the New-York Historical Society still wants to put in our front yard. A developer and architect have been chosen.

This much is certain. Whether it is this year, next year or 5 years from now, the Society intends to move forward with its “Phase 2” tower plan. Here is the question: When will the Society face the community, reveal its plans, and begin the dialogue it evaded in the first round? Will it, like the developers of Lord Foster’s tower at 980 Madison Avenue, spring its tower on the public as a done deal?

LANDMARK WEST! is prepared to approach this next phase unburdened by “Phase 1” history, to turn in good faith to a rational discussion of the Society’s needs, plans and alternatives for its future. Will the Society participate? When?

Join your fellow citizens in urging the Society to hold a candid, forthright public forum on its plans to develop its site. Please click here to sign our online petition.

To learn more, visit the LANDMARK WEST! website:

Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to School With LANDMARK WEST!

LANDMARK WEST! Goes Back to School

It’s official! Summer is over and thousands of Upper West Side students are returning to the classrooms this week.


If you have a child in an Upper West Side school, an interest in youth enrichment, or just plain curiosity about what’s happening in the neighborhood, read on…

Keeping the Past for the Future (KPF), LW’s school-based education program, is designed to foster within our city’s young people, primarily in grades 1 to 5, a strong sense of engagement, ownership, and responsibility toward their community through learning about the built environment and its history. KPF brings an LW! educator into classrooms for three to five sessions. During these sessions students, teachers, and an LW! educator go on walking tours, look at historic photographs of the neighborhood to compare “then and now”, study architectural styles and details of neighborhood buildings, and create a final preservation project.

The centerpiece of the program is our student workbook, “My Preservation Journal” which teaches students about the architecture and history of their neighborhood, while emphasizing the important role of historic preservation in sustaining the quality of life of our community for present and future generations.

We offer this program to public schools AT NO COST, thanks to the generous support of New York State Council on the Arts, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, NYC Department of Youth and Community Development, Council Member Gale Brewer, and private donations.

During the 2006-2007 school year we reached over 1000 students, and this year we anticipate reaching 1,500. We have just hired our first full-time Director of Education, Elyse Newman, to expand the program and make it more central to LW’s advocacy work. We received a generous award of $15,000 from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs to support KPF – what a vote of confidence! This is a period of tremendous growth for KPF and we look forward to keeping you posted on all the program’s successes and the incredible work created by our students — a.k.a Upper West Siders of the future!

**In addition to our classroom sessions this year, LANDMARK WEST! will be giving two family-oriented walking tours on Sunday, October 7, as part of the annual openhousenewyork weekend. Call LW! for more details (212-496-8110) and check out for general information about the weekend.

Spread the word to your friends and neighbors who have children in Upper West Side schools!

For additional information about KPF and to find out how your child’s school can participate in LW’s program, contact:

Elyse Newman
Director of Education
t: 212-496-8110