Monday, September 17, 2007

New-York Historical Society: Time for Dialogue

 Source: “New Historical Society Project Would Stir Up Skyline and Residents,” The New York Times, 11.1.06

Here is what the New-York Historical Society still wants to put in our front yard. A developer and architect have been chosen.

This much is certain. Whether it is this year, next year or 5 years from now, the Society intends to move forward with its “Phase 2” tower plan. Here is the question: When will the Society face the community, reveal its plans, and begin the dialogue it evaded in the first round? Will it, like the developers of Lord Foster’s tower at 980 Madison Avenue, spring its tower on the public as a done deal?

LANDMARK WEST! is prepared to approach this next phase unburdened by “Phase 1” history, to turn in good faith to a rational discussion of the Society’s needs, plans and alternatives for its future. Will the Society participate? When?

Join your fellow citizens in urging the Society to hold a candid, forthright public forum on its plans to develop its site. Please click here to sign our online petition.

To learn more, visit the LANDMARK WEST! website:

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