Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lovers of Open Space, Speak Up!

First, the folks at Historic Districts Council (HDC) handed you the mic to voice your opinion on New York City's open spaces.  Now, they're giving us all -- that includes YOU! -- one more chance to help inform their upcoming annual conference, this year titled "The Great Outside: Preserving Public and Private Open Spaces".

Before Friday, February 10th, head to the HDC blog and fill out their "Request for Information".  Answer questions like ...

Why do you think open spaces matter?  How are open spaces threatened?

After you've shared your comments, be sure to RSVP for the conference, taking place March 2-4th.  Attending HDC's annual conference is a terrific way to learn about preservation efforts taking place city-wide, and an opportunity to share information about your own ongoing preservation campaigns.  

We'll see you in March to celebrate "the Great Outside"!

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