Monday, July 18, 2011

No Falo Portugues :: Help LW! translate interview with "unsung hero" CTA Architects

We at LW! may be multi-talented, but multi-lingual is not necessarily our claim to fame.  A bit of French?  We've got you covered.  Basic Spanish?  We'll make it work.  But Portuguese?  Alas, no falo portugues*! 

So while we were thrilled to finally come across the video interview of Unsung Hero and architect Dan Allen of Cutsogeorge Tooman & Allen Architects with TV Globo (previewed on the blog in May), we're at a loss.  We need help from a language-savvy friend to translate the interview for us!  Can you help?  Let us know!

*That's "I don't speak Portuguese" in Portuguese, which we had to look up for the purpose of our blog.  Learning a new language, one blog post at a time!


Biessa said...

I hope it helps.

"You are going to know a little place in NY where tourists aren't allowed. The reporter Juliana Morrone had been there.

The moviment at the subway station, the big and expensive cars and the busy life of new yorkers... but there's a place near broadway that is not like that. Here you only enter with a key or if you had been invited. So we are going to know Commander Walk, in Upper west side, in Manhattan. 1921: a very rich business man bought this piece of land and decided to build this place. He really used to love theather so he demanded that the architects were inspired by the scene of a play he had seen on broadway, which had houses of england little cities of 15th century, in Tudor style. "The play was Commander Walk", says Daniel Allen, a architect "it was about a little street in London, a medieval one". Daniel is responsible for restoration and preservation of the houses. "Here is all like theater. Everythins was built to look like it's not New York". Each house is every house is different, with a different arrangement of the bricks. Each door has a color: red, green ... Few homes protected from the bustle of New York.

The Brazilian David is lucky to live in one. "It's a feeling of home, which is not very common here in New York." A rare scene in New York: Children play freely in the street who is ninety years ago. The planters and pots, each place is in bloom. In streets designed to be medieval forever in the middle of modern Mahnattan."

Biessa Diniz

Landmark West said...

Thanks, Biessa! So excited to have a translation! Will be sure to have a dramatic reading aloud in the office. Send me an email ( and let us show us our thanks!