Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Your Landmark #10 - Cafe 82

Cafe 82
Broadway at 82nd Street

Few could be more loved than Cafe 82! As many as 20 of us have breakfast there every single morning and socialize, going from table to table to talk about the latest opera or movie we've seen, the most interesting New York Times stories of the day, and myriad other topics that, simply by sharing, keep us sane!

Here are just a few of us with Cafe 82's owner, Luka Luka! 

Cafe 82 "Breakfast Club" 

Left to right: Front row: Anita Kasen, Sherrie Murphy, Rene Suarez-Barrio, Luka Luka (Cafe 82 owner); Back row: Bob Briggs, John McIntosh, Kalia Doner.

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drsandramann said...

the freshest, most consistently good food, with perfect, respectable and very quick service and impeccably clean.
the restaurant is a testament the owner, who treats his staff with respect and trains them well. they have been with him for years.

you will not find a better diner.