Friday, October 15, 2010

The building formerly known as Tavern on the Green ...

Make note: when referencing the building once home to the iconic Central Park-sited dining establishment Tavern on the Green restaurant, you must now add the descriptor "the building formerly known as" beforehand.  Or "the old", "used to be", "once was".  Anything in the past tense will suffice.  

Today marks the re-opening of the (former) Tavern on the Green building.  Transformed from that of an iconic dining destination, the Central Park building, located just inside the park at West 67th Street, is now a Visitor Center and impromptu dining destination.

Where once the Crystal Room twinkled now park visitors gather to nibble on hip food-truck fare (on opening day, ice cream from Van Leeuwen, turkish tacos by Pera, the much-hyped Rickshaw Dumpling truck, and Ladle of Love).  For more on how we got here, head to A Walk in the Park blog.

Photos from our lunchtime walkabout:

Entrance nearest Central Park West at 67th Street.
Outside of new gift shop area in Visitor's Center.
Interior of Visitor's Center gift shop.
Food trucks provide nibbles for park goers and passers-by.
New benches and plantings.
View of dining patio.
Former Tavern on the Green, as seen from the Sheep Meadow.

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