Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UPDATE :: DAY EIGHT of Kickstarter and we've surpassed $1,500

What else can we say but THANK YOU to all of our backers!  The Kickstarter project will succeed because of you:

Walter B. Melvin Architects, LLC
Michael Mandecki
Linda R. Safran
Roschel Holland Stearns
Hunter Armstrong
Lori & Timon Malloy
Charles Simon
Lydia Mann
Kerensa Wood
Sarah Orlinsky Maitland
Madelon Hambro
Ronnie Eldridge
David Patterson
Eileen Marzola
Pauline Eveillard
Kate Wood
Gordon Ryan
Wendy Frank
Francesca Segreti
Ethel Wood
Brandi Hayes
Fritz Umbach

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

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