Monday, April 19, 2010

24 hour countdown to City Council public hearing on West-Park begins!

The time has come!  Three months after the Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to designate West-Park Presbyterian Church an Individual Landmark, it is now the City Council's turn to weigh in. 

Tomorrow, April 20th, at 11AM
, the Subcommittee on Landmarks, Public Siting and Maritime Uses will review the LPC's report on West-Park.

Here's our checklist prior to tomorrow's public hearing:

(1)  SIGN THE PETITION echoing the words of support from Council member Gale Brewer.

(2)  EMAIL YOUR COUNCIL MEMBER.  It takes just seconds, and will make a world of difference for West-Park.  Your elected officials need to know that West-Park matters to you before they cast their vote!

(3)  ATTEND THE PUBLIC HEARING!  Call LANDMARK WEST! at (212) 496-8110 for meeting time and location.

(4)  SPREAD THE WORD so that others will follow your lead!

Our call to action email lays it all out for you! 

See you all tomorrow, for West-Park!

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