Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Public Joy Over West-Park Designation!

"After battling for years over the fate of the 116 year-old church, today we have saved a great building.  But we've also preserved a spiritual and everyday landmark for our neighborhood, protecting not only architecture, but history, heritage, and quality of life."  ~ City Council Member Gale A. Brewer.

Remarks by the Landmarks Preservation Commissioners: 

"This church is a sculpture given to us."

"It stops you in your tracks."

"We will work with anyone and everyone to find a new use as we cannot afford to let this church go." 

(Click here to listen to more comments.)

A Sampling of Community Responses to LW!:
"Hallelujah!  Congratulations all around--and Excelsior"
"It was a long, hard fight, and I hope the next steps of repair and restoration turn out as well."
"Your grassroots persistent insistence triumphs again"
"Congratulations...for sticking to it."
"What an achievement!"
"Well done!"

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