Monday, November 13, 2006

LPC to Vote on Stables


We have just learned that, tomorrow, Tuesday, November 14, at 12:30 PM, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will take its vote on whether or not the former Dakota Stable and New York Cab Company Stable, survivors of Amsterdam Avenue's 19th-century "Stable Row", deserve to be designated as official NYC Individual Landmarks.

We wish we could have let you know earlier, but this item did not appear on the Commission's official agenda circulated late last week. An email from the Commission, with the 12:30 PM time, arrived this afternoon. The vote will occur at a "public meeting", which means that the public is not permitted to testify, but may witness the Commission's discussion and decision. Your attendance at this meeting is vital. After months of waiting and watching as a demolition crew seemed to seal the fate of the Dakota Stable, we as a community have one last opportunity to show the Commission how strongly we support the preservation of these buildings. Given the late notice, many of you may find it impossible to attend. But if you can adjust your schedule, please join us in urging the Commission to take the action only it can take - to make these de facto landmarks de juro landmarks!

The Landmarks Preservation Commission is located at 1 Centre Street (the Municipal Building), 9th Floor. Remember to bring your photo ID to gain admission.

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